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If you're wondering what the best time of year is to join one of our Sup Surf clinics based on your level, we'll explain everything to you below.

The ideal season for SUP Surfing in Morocco is between October and the end of May. During this period, the depressions that form in the North Atlantic generate enough swell to reach the Moroccan coasts, located more than 3000 km from the epicenter of the depressions. After this period, the conditions become calmer, and it is very difficult to find spots where you can practice in good conditions. 

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The best season to learn SUP Surfing is from October to the end of November and from March to the end of May. Between these periods, the conditions may prove too powerful for quality learning in the best possible safety conditions.

The best season for intermediate surfers varies depending on their technique, physical condition and ability to ride waves up to two meters or a little more. If you feel you can surf waves up to two meters, you can join us any time during the season. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact Jonathan, who will be happy to advise you.

If you like to take on challenges and have good physical skills, come and take on our majestic point breaks all year long which will guarantee you unforgettable sensations.

For experienced surfers looking to have fun without exposing themselves to overly powerful conditions, it is best to avoid the months of December, January and February.


Season 2024/25

October 7 - 14


October 14 - 21


November 4 - 11

3 Available spots

November 11 - 18

5 Available spots

 16 - 23 December 

Available spots

27 Jan - 3 Feb

Available spots

3 - 10 February

Available spots

10 - 17 March 

Available spots

17 - 24 March 

Available spots

7 - 14 April 

Available spots

14 -21 April 

Available spots

5 - 12 May 

Available spots

9 - 16 December  

6 Available spots

Outside of the dates shown, we also offer private coaching sessions for up to two people.

In addition, it is possible for us to open a new session exclusively for your group of friends from 4 participants.

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